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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Creative Storage Options using Wire Baskets

Wire baskets storing hair care products and jewelry.

So often we find ourselves looking for more places to store our things – pantry items, shower products, clothing, cleaning products and more.

Using wire baskets or shower caddies that hang on the back of doors and cabinets is a creative way to remove clutter and make more space.

Storing Gift Wrap and Accessories

I use to keep my gift-wrap and accessories in an organizer in the office closet. As my business grew I needed the space for office supplies and other business-related things so I decided to use the back of the door to store my gift wrap, ribbons, tags, etc.

There are many over the door hanging storage solutions that use sturdy wire baskets where you can store all your gift-wrapping necessities in one place. This is a particularly good idea if you are limited on space. Think of all your gift wrap, scissors, tape, jars with labels and tags, tissue paper, ribbons and bows, gift bags, etc. all being in one place. How convenient!

Storing Bathroom Supplies

Wire basket that can be used in bathroom for hair care products.

If you have a small bathroom and don’t have a lot of room, think about moving bath towels to hooks on the back of the door and using the towel rack to hang wire baskets for bath items and other bathroom necessities such as a hair dryer and curling iron.

There are baskets with dividers that could hold make up products as well. You could even put a floating shelf over the towel rack for more storage too!

My daughter has a very small guest bath in her home so she had to think outside the box a little.

She ended up using a wire shower caddy in a corner to hold extra rolls of toilet paper and other items – maybe this can work for you too?

Kitchen Storage

Wire basket holding cutting boards and baking sheets.
I’m sure this isn’t original to anyone reading this but, if you need more room for pantry storage, use over the door adjustable shelf rods and wire baskets for spices, snacks, dish towels, utensils and so on.

Under the sink, you can hang a storage basket that can hold cutting boards or other similar items you want to keep off the counters.

You can also get yourself a three-tiered hanging wire basket for storing fruit and other daily snacks.

Bedroom Storage Needs

If you have a small bedroom that only accommodates a small dresser and you need more storage options, you can hang over the door baskets for socks, underwear, pajamas, and less bulky items. This can be hung on the back of the closet door or the bedroom door.

Jewelry and Makeup Storage

Jewelry stored in over the door cabinet.
Not a wire basket but worth mentioning. My daughter just bought the coolest thing - an over the door cabinet with a mirror on the front and room inside for jewelry, makeup, perfumes and more. This unit is very nice and holds quite a bit of stuff.

There are so many different styles and sizes of wire baskets. Take a trip to your local container or hardware store to see what is available.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Spring Cleaning the Yard and Outside the House

Lawnmower Sitting in the Yard.

 Getting the House and Yard Spiffed Up for Spring

In our last post we talked about Spring Cleaning the Inside of the House. Now let's move to the outside of the house and what we can do to spruce up some things that might need a little TLC.

Cleaning Windows and Screens

With all the wind, rain and snow, windows and screens take a beating when it comes to dirt and debris. Cleaning these will help all that beautiful sunshine fill any room in the house and brighten the mood.

Cleaning Interior and Exterior Glass

Cleaning Patio Furniture

Take the covers and cushions off your patio furniture and wipe them down or hose them off. Make sure to clean under tables and chairs to get all the cobwebs removed. If you have covers for your furniture, rinse them down with the hose and let them dry before storing.
If your outdoor furniture has been left in the elements you'll probably need to wash them.  You can clean most furniture with a gentle soap and water combination.  A good recipe is:
  • 1/3 cup dishwashing liquid
  • 1 gallon warm water
Pre-rinse then use a soft bristle brush to remove dirt, bird poop and mildew. Rinse completely.
If there is mold or mildew, add 1/2 cup white vinegar.  Don’t forget about cleaning the cushions and umbrella too. If there are removable covers on the cushions wash as instructed otherwise mix equal parts white vinegar and water, use the soft bristled brush to clean and rinse well when done.

Below are instructions for cleaning Teak Furniture and Wicker Furniture.
Cleaning Teak Furniture
Cleaning Wicker Furniture

Cleaning the BBQ Grill

Your outdoor grill might not have gotten much use over the colder months but if it wasn’t cleaned after the last use, who knows what it looks like inside.

  • If you have a charcoal grill, remove any remaining charcoal and rinse with a garden hose and use the recipe above to clean the inside and outside of it.
  • If you have a gas grill, remove the grates and scrub with a wire brush and soapy water and carefully clean the burners.
  • Make sure the drip pan is clean of grease and do check this quite often throughout the grilling season so no fires happen.

The grill, grates, and burners aren’t the only things to clean, check all parts of the grill and make sure all the screws are tight, tires are good, etc.

Cleaning Gutters and Roof

During the winter months leaves and debris can get blown onto roofs and into the gutters, so it’s a good idea every spring to clean these areas. Remove leaves and check the roof for any moss and other buildup of debris.  If you don’t feel you can safely get on your roof to clean, see if a family member can help or call a professional handyman.

Make Sure the Driveway, Walkways, Patios and Deck are Cleaned

Take a walk around your house with an old broom and get rid of any cobwebs you might run into.

Depending on where you live either sweeping or pressure washing the driveway, walkways, entryway, patio and deck will spiff these areas up. If there is any mildew on these areas, pressure washing will help remove it and keep anyone from slipping and falling.

Read the instructions for the proper tip and proper way to use the pressure washer so it doesn’t damage wood or cause a chunk of concrete to break loose.

Cleaning the Garage

Don’t forget to take a look at the garage, it can often be one of the messiest places of the house with boxes piling up, garbage that needs to go to the dump, things that need to be donated and the piles of stuff you’ve stocked up on from a big box store.

In order to clean it properly, you may have to organize first. You’ll have to move the car out and if you don’t have a shed, the lawn mower, bikes, etc.

Decide what you need the space for, will it be for the car, kid’s toys, lawn mower, maybe have a little room for a workbench? Then start going through your things in the garage, throw out the junk, donate items, and clean the floors.

When it’s time to put back what stays in the garage, look for new and different ways to store what you have left.  There are some great shelves, hooks, and cabinets made for garage storage. Find what will work best for you.

Cleaning the Yard

The yard is an ongoing project each spring and summer, but there are a couple of things you can do to clean it up.

  1. Take a good look around the yard and remove all the dead limbs, trash and stuff that may have blown in with the winter winds.
  2. Your lawn is also starting to wake up and it will need feeding to strengthen roots. Check with your local home improvement store and see what is right for you and the area you live in. 
  3. Plan your spring planting and clean the gardens by weeding and removing plants that didn't survive the winter. Do you need to mulch? When you've finished cleaning your gardens and those fall bulbs start blooming, your gardens will look great for their arrival.
Have fun doing your Spring Cleaning!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Spring Cleaning Inside Your House

A Bunch of White Daisies.

Ready, Set - Time to Clean

Every year as the days get brighter and the birds come back singing, we are ready to shed our winter coats and shed the dirt and grime that has collected in our homes over the last few months.

Things you Should Have on Hand

Some of the things you’ll want to have handy are:
  • Cleaning supplies – of course!
  • Cleaning rags and soft clothes for polishing
  • Vacuum and hard surface floor cleaners
  • Dusters
  • Gloves
  • Garbage bags and boxes

You might need to consider the possibility of renting a carpet cleaner or calling a professional.

Declutter and Remove the Unwanted Stuff

Because spring cleaning is a good time to remove clutter and discard items that are no longer used we need to do a few things before we actually start to clean, after being cooped up all winter; we need to prepare for this marathon cleaning.
  1. Start by going through all rooms and toss the broken items. Look for the things you haven’t used for a while and you can live without. Put these in boxes or bags, maybe a box for donations, garage sale and one to pass things on to someone who might enjoy or need the item, it will be a win-win situation. Oh – and get the kiddoes involved.
  2. Gather and take out the trash so you don’t have to deal with it as you are cleaning.

General Cleaning

This applies to all rooms: dusting, vacuuming, clean lighting, fixtures, and switches, cleaning sinks, counters, etc.

Now Let’s Get to the Actual Cleaning

Get your cleaning supplies and tools together, put them in a caddy so you can carry them with you as you tackle different areas of the house.

Cleaning the Living Room, Dining Room, Formal Rooms, Office

  1. Cleaning the windows is one of the best things I like to tackle for spring cleaning. Let the sunshine in, right. (Cleaning windows applies to all rooms in the house.) Also, clean whatever is covering your windows; drapes, shades, or blinds and don’t forget to wipe down the window frames and tracks.
  2. Take a look at your bookshelves, switch it up and rearrange your books while giving them and the shelves a good dusting and polishing if necessary.  If you have knick-knacks on your shelves, move them around, or maybe swap with ones in a different room.
  3. If you have area rugs, wash those that can be washed and dust the ones that can’t be washed. Dusting a rug is vacuuming. If possible, move the rug to a clean hard surfaced floor so you can vacuum the back and get the embedded dirt out. After vacuuming the back flip the rug on a clean surface and vacuum the top.  If you have a really nice rug and are concerned about damaging it, call in the professionals.
  4. Move the furniture and vacuum (furniture as well), polish the furniture, dust the base boards, remove cobwebs, clean and dust fixtures and clean any wood floors.

Something else you may want to check is the heater and AC filters. The following article will walk you through the steps to get this done if you want to do it yourself.

Cleaning Air Filters

Spring Cleaning the Kitchen

Besides your regular cleaning there are a few more things that can be done to spiff up the kitchen.
  1. Stainless steel appliances always seem to have smudges and streaks.  Never use abrasive cleaning products and make sure to clean in the direction of the grain.  Most grime will come off with just water and a good microfiber cloth.
  2. Your coffee pot is a necessary tool that gets used daily, but when was the last time you cleaned it?  You can put the carafe and other removable parts in the dishwasher, but use a vinegar/water mixture (2 parts water to 1 part vinegar) to clean the inside of the coffee maker.  Simply pour the mixture into the water well and turn on the brew cycle until all the water/vinegar mix is gone.  Then run another full cycle of plain water to remove any lingering vinegar residue.
  3. Defrosting your freezer isn’t nearly as tough as it used to be, but we still need to do this once or twice a year.  Take everything out of the freezer, throwing out anything that you can’t identify or that looks like it’s more ice than food.  Use warm water to wipe down the shelves, drawers and sides and put what you’re keeping back in the freezer.
  4. This is also a good time to go through the pantry, toss old foods, clean shelves, and put the remainder back in a nice organized way.

Bedrooms and Closets

Your bedroom is supposed to be a relaxing sanctuary, so take a look around and remove any items that don’t give you a feeling of peace.  After you’ve gotten rid of the clutter, you can focus on some areas that might not normally get attention.
  1. Clean your headboard.  If your headboard is wood, dust it with a rag and your favorite wood cleaner, if it is made of fabric; use your vacuum attachments to vacuum the dust and hair away.
  2. Cleaning your mattress a few times a year will help prolong its lifespan.  Remove all bedding, vacuum the mattress, including the sides, then flip it over and vacuum again. If you are concerned about mattress odors, sprinkle some baking soda onto the mattress and let it sit awhile before you vacuum.
  3. Don’t forget about your winter clothing, as it gets warmer outside, you are probably using your winter coat less often.  Take it to the drycleaner along with any sweaters you may have. Now when you store them, they are clean and ready for next year. Wash and pack away other cold weather clothing you won’t need and start unpacking your warm weather clothes.

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