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Monday, January 22, 2018

Cleaning Tips Using a Lint Roller

Woman Surprised at the Different Ways to Use a Lint Roller.

  5 Different Uses for a Lint Roller

I think a lint roller is something most of us have in the house. I have quite a few of them. But, have you ever thought you can use it on more than just clothes? You can. Those sticky little pieces of paper can help you clean around the house – quit effectively too.

Let’s take a look at what you can do with your lint roller.

Cleaning Screens

If you have guests coming over and you need to quickly clean screens (window screens or screen doors), a lint roller will remove dust, cobwebs, hair and other debris.

Cleaning the Inside of Bags

Have you ever noticed over time the inside of your purse, the kid’s backpacks, diaper bags, etc. all end up with crumbs and other debris? Some of these can be washed or turned inside out and shaken but for those that can’t, try a lint roller. I had no idea the bottom of my purse was so dirty.

Cleaning Craft Room Spills

I scrapbook, the kids and I make cards and gifts and I know how easy it is for stray spills to happen. Glitter, small beads, little pieces of paper, bits of ribbon, thread and more can cause unintentional spills or just a mess we brush off to the side. To quickly and easily clean up, run a lint roller over the mess.

Cleaning Lampshades

Run a lint roller over the lampshade and dust comes right off. Be sure to keep the roller clean so it doesn’t dirty the shade.

Cleaning Area Rugs

If you have pets, you know the hair they can leave behind. Not only pet hair but we tend to drop a few strands here and there. The vacuum cleaner cleans area rugs well enough but there is always hair that doesn’t get sucked up, especially around the edges. A lint roller can remove some of the fluff and hair that gets stuck on the rug and around the edges.

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